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 Decentralized Web3 Security

Bringing the security, transparency, and trust of blockchain to the masses, through AI.

$10B+ MarketCap Assessed

500K+ Contracts Audited

12M+ Refreshing EndPoints / Sec

Connecting AI to the blockchain.


Elevating Web3 Security to new peaks with AI, adept at generating ultra-precise, real-time audit reports, redefining the standards of proactive protection.


The core idea of PaladinAI revolves around a decentralized approach that enables Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) to actively benefit from revenues, thereby achieving self-sustainability in terms of financing.


We operate with over 12 million dynamic data points every second, continuously updating to recalibrate the system, unleashing a symphony of technical prowess and social acumen to craft supremely precise, all-encompassing audit reports.


Technological Framework.

Real-Time Data Processing I Social + Risk/Reward Sentiment Comprehensive and Insightful Audit Reporting



  • Ethical Responsibility
    Upholding the highest ethical standards, PaladinAI is committed to responsible AI use, ensuring that our technology benefits society and contributes positively to the blockchain community.
  • Customer-Centric Approach
    We prioritize user experience and satisfaction, tailoring PaladinAI to meet the diverse needs of our users, from blockchain beginners to seasoned experts.
  • Real-Time Data Processing
    Paladin AI's system processes data in real-time, ensuring audits are up-to-date with the blockchain's current state. This capability is vital for detecting and analyzing wallet cluster dynamics and their impact on token values.
  • Telegram Twist
    As trading bots on Telegram become increasingly prevalent, choosing Telegram as the gateway means that smart contract security is at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere, without the complexity of a traditional interface or the need for deep technical skills.
  • AI-Powered Analysis
    PaladinAI utilizes sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms for the deep analysis of smart contracts. These algorithms excel at identifying technical vulnerabilities and complex patterns in token distribution.
  • Personalized Paladin chat Bot Interface
    Users engage with Paladin AI via a user-friendly Telegram bot, tailored to each individual. This personalized bot learns from users’ habits and past mistakes, evolving into a custom assistant that understands their specific needs and preferences, regardless of their technical expertise.

Contract: 0x3cb48aeb3d1abadc23d2d8a6894b3a68338381c2

© PaladinAI@2024

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